Bottom Line: Fun STEM games that can be easily integrated into lớn similar activities for the classroom.

This is a svào introduction to or reinforcement of age-appropriate STEM concepts. Teachers can use this game by rotating groups through playing it. Then, they can tie it inlớn the classroom with lots of hands-on activities. Bring in recycled materials and build a marble run. Challenge your students to lớn get the marble (Agent P) from one place to lớn another without it falling. Introduce the class khổng lồ some simple circuits using button batteries, wires, and LEDs. Let them experiment to lớn see which things in the classroom are conductors và which are insulators. It"s also a good chance lớn dust off your Tangrams và phối kids solving some of those puzzles.

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LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Disney Phineas & Ferb is a video game that introduces kids khổng lồ circuits & engineering, and reinforces arithmetic. Phineas and Ferb are building a water balloon machine, & they need help gathering parts. In the meantime, Agent P is out to foil Dr. Doofenshmirtz"s evil plot, và he needs some help, too. Kids help Phineas & Ferb collect parts by navigating their current water balloon machine through a maze of streets, battling robots along the way. They can answer math problems (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) to earn power-ups, & will need to solve sầu circuits puzzles to unloông xã doors. They also complete blueprints using shapes (much lượt thích Tangrams). The easy level provides outlines for the shaped pieces, while the harder cấp độ leaves kids to lớn figure it out on their own. Agent P needs lớn get to lớn the secret hiding place by rolling down some ramps. Kids help hyên ổn out by placing the missing pieces to get hyên ổn safely khổng lồ his destination. This is chock-full of fun STEM activities.

There"s no doubt kids will enjoy putting on a thinking cap lớn get through the challenges. The puzzles are just the sort of thing kids enjoy doing. Rolling Agent Phường on his way feels lượt thích completing the perfect marble run, & completing the blueprints is lượt thích playing with virtual blocks. But there are some learning activities that just aren"t as well-integrated as they could be throughout. Kids will pause their shootout with the robots to solve sầu math problems and earn power-ups. The circuits puzzles make a bit more sense, but kids may not make the connection between completing a circuit & having a door open. It feels like they"re thrown in as "learning obstacles," even though they have an appropriate role. As you might expect with a STEM title, some of the learning is more nuanced, focusing on subtle problem-solving skills. Since this game only includes Phineas, Ferb, Perry (Agent P), & Dr. Doofenshmirtz, it"s sorely lacking in the diversity that the television show displays.

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Kids will revel in the video-game style and clever puzzles. Once they complete the story, they can go baông chồng và trả lời some of the puzzles or play again at a harder cấp độ.

The circuits và lô ghích puzzles bring are a great way khổng lồ learn, but they"re sandwiched between water balloon shoot-"em-up game levels. All the side characters are missing from the game, removing the diversity of the TV cast.

Kids can get the help they need with the puzzles, although they can get stuông xã. Parents can track kids" progress through the online Learning Path software.