Online conkiểm tra for children và youth launched in Sài Gòn City

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The contest aims lớn celebrate the 10th Ho Chi Minch Communist Youth Union Congress for the 2017-2022 term. The conthử nghiệm consists of two categories, for individuals and teams. Individuals are divided into lớn two groups, A for primary students và B for secondary students, và compete together at www.eytqvn2017.muctyê The teams compete in the preliminary round with 50 multiple choice questions and one game. The organizing panel will select four outstanding teams in each level to lớn compete for the final round during a fact-finding trip. The competition will focus on the history of the national construction & defense cause, the process of construction và development of Ho Chi Minc City, the book "History of our country" and stories, works of President Ho Chi Minc related khổng lồ children and youth. The closing và awards ceremony will be held on October 15. Translated by Lam Anh …

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UNESCO, Vietnam giới Cinema Association jointly organise film making course

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“Blessed Land”, a short film by director Pđê mê Ngoc Lan is selected khổng lồ screen at Berlin International Festival in 2019. (Photo: phunuvietnam giớ It aims to lớn providing basic knowledge for developing short film projects, finding suitable production processes và orienting careers for young filmmakers. The course will be conducted online in this October, with the participation of many well-known domestic & foreign directors và filmmakers include directors Pđắm say Ngoc Lan, Truong Minc Quy, Bui Kyên ổn Quy, Trinh Dinc Le Minch và Tnhị director and film producer Pimpaka Towira. To join the course, young filmmakers should submit proposals for a feature film, documentary or hybrid project. Each selected project will have sầu a maximum of two team members participating in the course. In addition lớn gaining knowledge, the projects taking part in the course will have the opportunity to lớn receive two cash prizes of US$1,000 each, two packages of camera and lighting equipment from sponsor HKFilm & …

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Hanoi releases songs encouraging COVID-19 fight

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The songs were composed during a campaign for COVID-19 fight in response lớn a campaign to lớn promote artistic works on the pandemic fight and the national action month for children in 2021. Upon the launch of the chiến dịch, as many as 65 songs and 165 poems by 111 authors were submitted. Of them, 40 songs and 70 poems have sầu been selected by the jurors. To encourage the fight against COVID-19, the eight works will be broadcast on the local systems of loudspeakers across the capital city along with channels of the Hanoi Radio and Television Broadcasting. Meanwhile, the fourth episode of the online monthly music program "Sing for life, Sing for love” will be broadcast on digital platforms with the performance of well known artists lượt thích Thu Minh, Hoang Bach & Duong Cam on September 9. Donations lớn the programme will be used to purchase essentials for disadvantaged laborers affected by COVID-19, medics and front-line workers. Launched by the VYF Central Committee, the Vietnam giới …

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More sci-tech content in upcoming China-ASEAN Expo

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The whole universe hidden in the VR glasses, magnificent images shown on transparent screens, unmanned aircraft applied in seeding và fertilization..., sci-tech exhibition has become the new hot spot in the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in recent years. Innovative sầu technology intriguing The upcoming 18th China-ASEAN Expo is using technological innovation as the "key variable" to deduce the optimal solution for China-ASEAN khổng lồ deepen digital economic cooperation, specifically: - There are more exchange activities in sci-tech and digital economy. During the 18th CAEXPO, China-ASEAN Technology Transfer và Innovation Cooperation Conference, China-ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Summit will be held to lớn pragmatically accelerate the construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor. - Technology becomes more "hard-core" và innovation adds vitality. The 18th CAEXPO will continue lớn phối up the Hong Kong section, and the technological power from the Greater Bay Area is actively …

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Hà Nội Thủ Đô ramps up vaccinations, wants health ministry’s guidance on travels for fully vaccinated

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Hà Nội"s Bạch Mai Street on Việt Nam"s National Day - September 2, 2021. — VNA/VNS Photo lớn Trần Việt HÀ NỘI — As social distancing measures continue in Thành Phố Hà Nội and from this week measures have sầu been loosened in some parts of the thành phố, people who have sầu been vaccinated are questioning the possibilities for travel & work. Talking lớn local truyền thông media on Monday, Secretary of the municipal’s Party Committee Đinc Tiến Dũng said that the thành phố had asked for detailed guidelines from the Ministry of Health on the issue. As of September 4, the Ministry of Health has allocated over 2.9 million vaccine doses in the capital but it has received only 2.4 million so far. The city’s health sector can administer up to 200,000 doses per day, & more than 2.2 million doses have been administered in total, 26.65 per cent of its population. “The city is planning to ramp up the vaccination in the last three months of this year when it is possibly allocated with a higher amount of vaccines,” Dũng …

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12,481 new COVID-19 cases detected on Monday

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A teacher at Hà Nội"s Thăng Long Primary School conducts online classes on Monday as the thành phố has strengthened social distancing regulations. VNA/VNS Pholớn Thanh hao Tùng HÀ NỘI – The Ministry of Health announced 12,481 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing Việt Nam’s total lớn 536,788. A further 311 deaths were also reported. Of the lakiểm tra transmissions, only four were imported and the rest locally transmitted. Ahy vọng the new cases, 8,099 were found in the community. TP HCM City recorded the highest number of new infections with 7,122, an increase of 896 cases compared lớn Sunday, followed by Bình Dương (2,194), Đồng Nai (871), Long An (857), Tiền Giang (234), và Kiên Giang (201). The number of new infections in both Bình Dương và Đồng Nai decreased by 1,346 and 372 respectively. In the capital city of Hà Nội, 42 new infections were reported. The 311 COVID-related fatalities were in HCM City (233), Bình Dương (39), Long An (5), Khánh Hòa (7), Đồng Nai (6), Long An …

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Cambodia’s pepper exports soar over 500 percent in first eight months

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Illustrative sầu image (Photo: VNA) Phnom Penh, (VNA) - Cambodia exported 24,847 tonnes of pepper lớn foreign markets in the first eight months of this year, according to lớn the country"s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, và Fisheries Veng Sakhon. The figure showed a surge of 551 percent compared lớn the same period last year, he added. Vietphái nam alone bought 24,476 tonnes, making the country the biggest market for Cambodian pepper . The other markets were Germany, India, France, Belgium and Taiwan (China). Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, since March 2021, Cambodia"s leading pepper farms and exporters have sầu conducted many online promotional conferences và increased output khổng lồ meet export potential in 2021. According khổng lồ many experts, thanks to lớn the timely support of the Cambodia Pepper và Spices Association in removing difficulties for processors và exporters, the country has seen sudden increase in pepper export. According to Cambodia "s …

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Agro-forestry-fisheries sector enjoys trade surplus of 3.3 billion USD in eight months

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Processing shrimp for export in Kkhô nóng Hoa (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) – The agro-forestry-fisheries sector "s export revenue reached about 32.1 billion USD in the first eight months of this year, up 21.6 percent, while imports were estimated at 28.8 billion USD, up 44.1 percent, resulting in a trade surplus of about 3.3 billion USD, a fall of 48.2 percent over the same period last year, reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). Revenue from major agricultural products recorded a 13.6 percent growth khổng lồ 13.9 billion USD, while forestry exports rose 42.7 percent to lớn 11.2 billion USD, and aquatic products’ revenue increased 7.1 percent to 5.6 billion USD. Exports of livestochồng hit 286 million USD, up 15.9 percent. Despite a fall of 1.3 percent in volume, export revenue of peppercorn still rose over 50 percent lớn 666 million USD. However, rice & tea suffered fall in both volume và value. The major export market of Vietnamese agro-forestry-fisheries …

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AI talents invited to join cooperation network with Australia

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Hanoi (VNA) – The Ministry of Science và Technology (MoST) và partners are calling on individuals and organisations working in artificial intelligence (AI) to join an AI cooperation network between Vietnam và nước Australia. The Vietnam giới - Australia AI cooperation network, launched by the MoST, aims to help promote the national AI strategy . The network looks gather Vietnamese individuals, businesses, and organisations working in AI, both at home & abroad, lớn cooperate with Australian partners, hoped to lớn serve sầu as a prerequisite for building a community of sustainable AI cooperation in Vietnam giới và the world in the future. It will create opportunities for those in the AI sector lớn connect with one another and access AI tư vấn policies and programmes issued by state agencies, firstly the MoST. Participating businesses will have sầu a chance khổng lồ connect with specialists lớn find AI solutions while partnering with domestic & foreign counterparts in AI application & …

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Vietphái mạnh, nước Australia boost fintech cooperation opportunities

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Illustrative sầu image (Source: Internet) Sydney (VNA) - The Asialinks Business Centre under Australia’s University of Melbourne has announced to commence a new capability development programme, aimed at building awareness và positioning Australian business to lớn engage in Vietnam’s fintech sector. The programme is jointly held by Asialink Business, the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy và Resources (DISER), and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). The programme will complement and tư vấn the Australia-Vietphái mạnh Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy. This strategy, due for completion in late 2021, will solidify Australia & Vietnam’s shared commitment lớn trade and investment, liberalisation & economic connectivity, và help both countries take advantage of emerging market opportunities. Asialink Business stressed that Vietnam giới has the faskiểm tra growing middle class in Southeast Asia, a COVID-resilient GDPhường. growth rate (2.9 percent in 2020), …

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