If I had to choose one dish that would represent my food-inspired childhood, it would be Mum và Grandma’s Vietnamese Chicken Tapioca Noodle Soup, hands down. There’s nothing that brings backs my barely contained excitement the way comfort in a bowl does!


Let me tell you why you need that extra chew in your life. Most weekends, you have your ‘everyday’ noodles – egg, rice, wheat, soy…you get the picture. They’re great. 

But you haven’t lived a noodle-lover’s dream until you’ve sầu tried tapioca noodles in a broth with irresistibly silky chicken.

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I will never appreciate a chewy bite and a hearty slurp more than the way I vày with this Vietnamese Chicken Tapioca Noodle. Their textures combined are just pure harmony!


Bánh canh is typically eaten with pork hok (Bánh Canh Giò Heo) but I grew up with the chicken version, so that’s what I’m going to lớn nội dung with you. When you go to lớn Vietnamese restaurants, there is only ever the pork hok version, which makes this chicken noodle soup recipe EXTRA special!

I can’t tell you just how thrilled I am lớn be cooking Vietnamese Chicken Tapioca Noodle Soup because I’ll get lớn eat it later

Yes, even after more than trăng tròn years of eating this, I STILL love it!



When you combine rice & tapioca flour together with hot water, you get tapioca noodles, a culinary signature well-loved by Vietnamese people. 

It’s fairly easy khổng lồ make at home, but our family lượt thích to get it on the day it’s freshly made and delivered to the Asian supermarkets. It saves time and tastes a million bucks. Win-win, I say!

Just take note that the plastic packaging it comes it may be a little oily. Tapioca noodles love sầu lớn cling to lớn each other when cooked (which really is part of their noodle-y charm), so they are always lightly oiled before sealed in the bag.


Vietnamese bánh canh is traditionally served with a mellow stochồng, velvety chicken and a robust array of garnishes but it’s the noodle that is the bowl’s sole show stopper. This is actually typical of most Asian noodle soups. The technique lớn prepare it, while superbly simple, is high effective sầu.

First, we make sure the broth is ready. And by ready, I mean perfectly seasoned & on its way to being served.

We then boil a small pot of water và dump the noodles in until al dente. You’ll have lớn try a few noodles lớn find your al dente, but I can guarantee you it never takes too long. If you’re cooking a larger batch, make sure to run it under cold water.

Drain & throw the cooked noodles inlớn a serving bowl, add the stock, toppings và garnish. Now you’ve sầu got yourself the best way khổng lồ over (or start) the day!

Ingredients for your Bánh Canh Gà

10 chicken drumsticks2 bags tapioca noodlesmột nửa kg duông xã giblets (optional)salt (khổng lồ taste)


finely chopped corianderfinely sliced spring onionschopped fresh chilli (optional) wedges of lemon/limefried onion 

You can find out more about these ingredients from our Aromatics & Asian Vegetables page!

Start by getting your chicken and pork stoông chồng simmering in a large pot. You’ll need that extra height space for when the drumsticks go in.

Throw in the dehydrated shrimps.

Wash the chicken drumsticks và bring the broth khổng lồ a boil. Put the drumsticks in the stoông chồng for 20-25 minutes.

Scoop the chicken drumsticks out và run it under cold water khổng lồ slow down the cooking process. We want a silky chicken, which you won’t get by overcooking it. 

Transfer the drumsticks inkhổng lồ a bowl of cold water for a few minutes, drain then pat them dry. Refrigerate the chicken khổng lồ keep the meat firm.

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Lightly season the broth with 2 tbsp salternative text, Squid brand fish sauce, rochồng sugar and salternative text to taste.

You can always leave sầu all the seasoning to lớn the kết thúc, but we lượt thích to lớn season it throughout for a more developed flavour palette in the soup.

Cook the blood jelly in a separate small pot. If you don’t eat blood jelly, skip this step.

Wash và add the duck giblets lớn the soup. If you don’t eat giblets, you can also give sầu this step a miss.

Now prepare the garnish: give each aromatic a double wash, drain and finely chop them.

Quarter the lemons or limes.

Take the chicken out of the fridge và shred it onkhổng lồ a communal serving dish.

Boil a pot of water và quickly soften the tapioca noodles. It will take no longer than a few minutes because it’s already cooked. 

We like lớn use our colander khổng lồ drain the liquid out.

Serve sầu the noodles with chicken, blood jelly, giblets & the seasoned broth. Add the fried onions, coriander, spring onions and a squeeze of lemon or lime as the garnish.