Requirements and recommendations :– 115 level.– Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B1F in stock– 50 minutes of a miễn phí time– 1 million Alz

Entrance in dungeon on map Forgotten Ruin at the over of map(a place spawn quái dị Monakus Karion)

The note: random from mobs drops items for activation of the latent quests (Mutant Energy Ball for access to NPC, Mutant Key (Red), Mutant Key (Green) & Mutant Key (Blue). To lớn not lift that is not necessary, it is recommended to finish all over again all mobs, và then look that of them has dropped out. Quest items vanish after a while if them to lớn not lift, but this time is stretched somewhere for some minutes.

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1. Activate a quest on a sand-glass on a ladder

2. Activate a quest on the big relief on a wall


3. You will see the bridge with two walls of fire blocking a way. Fire disappears for some seconds. If to stand near it – takes away HP.

4. At deadlock lớn activate a quest on a wall to open pass further. Khổng lồ kill all mobs in a corridor. After that khổng lồ activate a quest on an extreme gravestone.

5. In next room it is necessary to destroy a fire wall. Complexity consists that in four corners of a room costs on a gun which beat simultaneously (+ classes of near fight receive damage from the most fire wall).The best position here – near to lớn a gate near to one of guns (for example, right). Then two guns behind will not get. There is a variant to take advantage battle mode or aura for additional defense.

6. In a corridor will be mobs Obsidian, all of them need to lớn be killed for a quest.It is better to take groups on 2-4

7. After death of all mobs, activate a quest on a snake head which weighs on a wall at a fiery wall. The head will appear a teleport in a following room (teleport everyone separately).

8. In this room there is first boss khủng Nesbite. The boss beats strongly enough. At it two sorts of attacks – AoE & not-AoE. If it not-AoE it will beat only one person without dependence from an arrangement of the others. If AoE to lớn you has not carried, but, in any case, without is sickly to not manage here. At the quái dị high defense, therefore to kill it it is necessary long.

In the middle of a room there are 4 cones. It is necessary lớn watch them. The cone which has lighted up by bluish-green light designates, that in this corner of a room will appear mob Serpent. It will appear for some seconds if it for this time to lớn not kill, it will die itself, but the cone will need to lớn be burned.Then the following cone will light up, & will appear mob in a corresponding corner & so on a circle.After the circle is made (4 cones lighted up by turns all), the snake head in the middle will cause a loss to lớn EVERYONE being in a room (and even that who is from that các buổi tiệc nhỏ near lớn a teleport) depending on that, how many angular mobs you have not killed (that is, how many cones continued khổng lồ burn). Even one left cone puts somewhere 1.5k damage. Therefore usually most part các buổi party after that impact dies.

To avoid impact of a gun, it is necessary to lớn kill all 4 mobs. On this task it is recommended lớn direct somebody one, it is desirable char with short skills, for example, a wizard or magic FS.

After death of the boss, activate a quest on a snake head (to talk two times) to xuất hiện a door in a corridor.
9.It is necessary khổng lồ collect the certain quantity of subjects which drops from mobs in a room (better khổng lồ kill all мобов). Cat’s xanh Jewel falls from mobs Felichra, Cat’s Red Jewel – from mobs Vigest.Through any time you will reach the next fiery wall. Near khổng lồ it there will be object Beetle Tomb. If it “to kill”, of it will drop out Record of the Mutant.(For continuation dungeon it should be in stock at everyone!).
After that it is necessary to lớn return a little back. One of walls will have a small turtle. If lớn activate on it a quest the wall will open, và will stand inside NPC Mutant Researcher.
Everyone separately should talk with NPC (dialogue from 5-6 retorts khổng lồ choose the first answers) and to buy from it Purify Epaulette for 1,000,000 Alz. Purify Epaulette is put on a place of that raincoat which is put on on character on present, và gives stats +350 HP and +500 Defense.Without it lớn manage at a following stage dungeon it is impossible.

10. Pass in a following room and activate quest Red Aquarium (a certain violet cone on a picture). Pass will be closed by a wall from fire back, và will begin spawns mobs. In total there will be 4 waves. First two – on 8 pieces Vice Felichra, two last – on 4 pieces Vice Vigest.


11. After four спаунов get rid of a fiery gate to lớn pass in a following room.

12. In a room there are three mobs Vice Vigest and to the right on a ladder – quái dị Chakris.On the trùm cuối the aura of invulnerability hangs, which can be removed only for very short time if khổng lồ kill these three mobs (or even one but lớn guess what it is impossible, so, most likely, it is necessary khổng lồ beat all three).

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13. After death of the boss khủng it is necessary lớn remove Purify Epaulette, khổng lồ break it by transmuter, to lớn receive subject mèo Stone.

Then activate a quest on the unit which was guarded by the boss. The unit will appear a teleport in a following room.
Back it is possible lớn return to this room if to press on stone at a fiery wall.

14. Quickly khổng lồ run on a corridor which walls are equipped by numerous guns, up lớn the next fiery wall. It needs to be destroyed to pass in a following room.

15. Following two rooms differ that, being in them, will be constant some is put damage.In the given room it is necessary to kill some groups mobs. One group consists of one big granite Golem và several mobs name Druga.The place noted on a picture, – the only thing where damage, received from a room, will not get.

After death of all mobs a gate in a following room will open.

16. Lớn kill all mobs Groga, collecting them in small groups (a maximum on 4). In the over of this corridor there will be next fiery gate & coffin for continuation of a quest.

Attention: after activation of a quest a gate will xuất hiện all for some seconds, therefore everyone should stand directly ahead of them quickly to lớn slip và dash to lớn reach a following gate.Having approached to a following gate, be ready to that they too will mở cửa all for some seconds. If someone has not had time to lớn slip, it is necessary khổng lồ destroy this gate. It is the extremely undesirable situation as on the monster it is necessary greatest possible damage.

17. Right after that as a gate will be closed, there will be final quái thú Orca (it will refer khổng lồ Orca Origin).At the quái thú two kinds of attacks: 1) lượt thích Berderk Faello, beats only on one at a correct arrangement of characters; 2) AoE.In any case, there is only a small amount of time khổng lồ kill the boss. Lớn kill it is necessary only one reincarnation. If it khổng lồ not make in time it will die,And on its place will appear mobs of which it will be necessary khổng lồ get rid. After that the quái thú will appear again, but already with other name. It will beat more painfully, will have more defense, and will kill it more difficultly, than the first..In total at the quái nhân 4 or 5 spawns, one is stronger than another. On each reincarnation some minutes are given, but in any case of the boss it is necessary to lớn kill as soon as possible. Most easier to kill the first (Origin).

18. After death of the boss khủng to activate a crystal for end dungeon and to receive 3k honor. If you yet have not completed quests with keys make them BEFORE activation of a crystal.


As it has noted been above, from any mobs random drops items for activation of the latent quests fall. These items:– Mutant Energy Ball– Mutant Key (Red)– Mutant Key (Green)– Mutant Key (Blue)


1. To lift Mutant Energy Ball 2. To activate a quest on object Secret Device which is at Beetle Tomb (№ 9 of the basic quest). The wall will disappear và access khổng lồ NPC will open.


Having picked up one of three keys (red, green or blue), it is possible khổng lồ receive in addition 4 chests.Without dependence from màu sắc of a key, on a quest it will be necessary lớn activate 3 boxes (Mutant Box) in the certain sequence. After the third key becomes gold, it is possible khổng lồ go khổng lồ chests.For this purpose it is necessary to return to a corridor where you collected cat Jewel, and on one of turns lớn curtail on the left. There will be There stone Treasure Guardian.

After activation of a quest a gate will open and there will be 4 chests Relic Chest.

Attention: for one campaign it is possible khổng lồ pick up and activate only ONE key, therefore vị not select all successively, but only that is necessary for you. If you doubt, that will pass dungeon, I advise to not select green & blue keys.

MUTANT KEY (RED)Boxes:1) Mutant (Red) Key 01 – Right at the beginning dungeon (762584-A08)2) Mutant (Red) Key 02 – in a corridor with mobs Felichra & Vigest (GBA397–6-05)3) Mutant (Red) Key 03 – in a room of quái thú Nesbite (14256-1-C700)4) Treasure Key TypeA – to activate Treasure Guardian & to receive 4 green chests

MUTANT KEY (GREEN)Boxes:1) Mutant (Green) Key 01 – in a corridor with guns after boss khủng Chakris (TKMSMS-T-I09)2) Mutant (Green) Key 02 – in a corridor in the beginning dungeon with mobs. (FT0059-46)3) Mutant (Green) Key 03 – in a room where spawns Vice Felichra và Vice Vigest – before a room of trùm cuối Chakris (5987458-ES00)4) Treasure Key TypeB – to lớn activate Treasure Guardian and to receive 4 green chests

MUTANT KEY (BLUE)Boxes:1) Mutant (Blue) Key 01 – a corridor before a room of last quái thú with mobs Groga (K601-58203)

2) Mutant (Blue) Key 02 – in a room where spawns Vice Felichra và Vice Vigest – before a room of boss khủng Chakris (5987458-ES00)
3) Mutant (Blue) Key 03 – in a room after a corridor with guns with groups mobs hoa cương Golem and Druga (200-G–23-55
4) Treasure Key TypeC – lớn activate Treasure Guardian và to receive 4 green chests

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